affetto etymology

Italian word affetto comes from Latin affecto, Latin -tus

Detailed word origin of affetto

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affecto Latin (lat) (with spem) I cling to, cherish.. (with viam) I enter on or take a way, set out on, journey.. I pretend to have, affect, feign.. I seek to draw, try to win over or attempt to lay hold of.. I seize, lay hold of.. I strive after, pursue, aim to do; desire, aspire at.
-tus Latin (lat) Forms collective/abstract nouns from adjectives. Forms action nouns from verbs. Forms adjectives having the sense provided with.. Forms the past participle of verbs.
affectus Latin (lat) Affection, fondness, compassion, sympathy, love. Affection, mood, emotion, feeling.
affetto Italian (ita) The object of one's affection.. Affection Affected.

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Descendants of -tus
abito abitudine applauso atteggiamento atto concorso contratto convento correre corridoio corriere corsa corso esito fiato flusso gioventù mercato passo polso scritto sotto uso virtù