aggressione etymology

Italian word aggressione comes from Latin gradior (I advance, go.. I step, walk.), Latin ad- (To.)

Detailed word origin of aggressione

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gradior Latin (lat) I advance, go.. I step, walk.
ad- Latin (lat) To.
aggredior Latin (lat) I advance or go to or towards, approach.. I approach, address, apply to, solicit.. I attack, assault, beset, aggress.. I lay claim to, seize.. I undertake, begin, set about, assume, attempt, try.
aggressio Latin (lat) Advancing, approaching. Aggression, attack. Approaching, addressing.
aggressione Italian (ita) Aggression, attack, assault, mugging.

Words with the same origin as aggressione

Descendants of gradior
aggressore congresso ingresso
Descendants of ad-
a accendere accento acceso accettare accusa affare aggiungere agio ammettere appartamento arrestare arresto arrivare aspetto assumere assunto attento attenzione attraente avventura avvocato disagio sparire