agio etymology

Italian word agio comes from Latin iaceo, Latin adjaceo, and later Old Provençal (to 1500) aize (Ease (lack of anxiety).)

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iaceo Latin (lat) (of speech or language) I am languid, dull or lifeless.. (of the face or eyes) I am fixed on the ground or cast down.. I am indolent, idle or inactive.. I am low, flat or level.. I am of no avail, lie dormant or abandoned.. I am placed or situated, lie.. I am sick, lie ill.. I hang down loose.. I have fallen, lie dead.. I lie in ruins.. I lie overthrown; I am refuted, fail; I am despised.. I [...]
adjaceo Latin (lat)
adiacentem Latin (lat)
adjacens Latin (lat)
aize Old Provençal (to 1500) (pro) Ease (lack of anxiety).
agio Italian (ita) Ease, comfort. Luxury, comfort.

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