atteggiare etymology

Italian word atteggiare comes from Latin agendum, Latin -tus, Latin apo ((hapax legomenon) I fasten; attach, connect; join, bind.)

Detailed word origin of atteggiare

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agendum Latin (lat)
-tus Latin (lat) Forms collective/abstract nouns from adjectives. Forms action nouns from verbs. Forms adjectives having the sense provided with.. Forms the past participle of verbs.
apo Latin (lat) (hapax legomenon) I fasten; attach, connect; join, bind.
aptus Latin (lat)
actus Latin (lat) (historical, _, units of measure) An actus: a former Roman unit of area equivalent to a square with sides of 1 actus (about ⅛ ha). (historical, _, units of measure) An actus: a former Roman unit of length equal to 120 Roman feet (about 35½ m). A cattle drive, the act of driving cattle or a cart. A cattle path or narrow cart track. Act, action, doing, deed. Performance, behavior.
atto Italian (ita) Act Fit or capable (for a specified task).
atteggiare Italian (ita) (transitive) to put on, to affect.

Words with the same origin as atteggiare

Descendants of -tus
abito abitudine affetto applauso atteggiamento atto concorso contratto convento correre corridoio corriere corsa corso esito fiato flusso gioventù mercato passo polso scritto sotto uso virtù
Descendants of apo
a accento accusa affare aggiungere appartamento appetito arrivare attento attenzione avventura coppia disponibile pesca pesce poi posizione posta posto riposare riposo rispondere