capro etymology

Italian word capro comes from Proto-Indo-European *kápros (He-goat, billy goat.), Proto-Germanic *bukkaz (Buck.), Proto-Germanic *būkaz (Belly, abdomen. Body.)

Detailed word origin of capro

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*kápros Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro) He-goat, billy goat.
*bukkaz Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) Buck.
*būkaz Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) Belly, abdomen. Body.
*kapros Proto-Italic (itc-pro) He-goat.
buk Old Dutch (odt)
*bukk Frankish (frk) Buck.
*buk Frankish (frk)
buc Old Dutch (odt)
būk Old Dutch (odt)
boc Middle Dutch (dum) Buck, male goat.
buc Middle Dutch (dum)
bok Dutch (nld) (gymnastics) vaulting horse. (pejorative) churl, grouch. (pejorative) oaf, bumpkin. (printing) job case, type case. A crane on legs. Box, perch (driver's seat on a carriage). Male goat, buck, billy. Sawbuck, buck.
caper Latin (lat) A male goat.
capro Italian (ita) Male goat. See capra.

Words with the same origin as capro

Descendants of *kápros
Descendants of *bukkaz
becco buco