cellula etymology

Italian word cellula comes from Old Latin olle, Latin cilium ((Medieval Latin) eyelash. (anatomy) eyelid.), Latin sella (Saddle. Seat, chair. Sedan chair. Stool.), Proto-Indo-European *ḱelnā

Detailed word origin of cellula

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olle Old Latin (itc-ola)
cilium Latin (lat) (Medieval Latin) eyelash. (anatomy) eyelid.
sella Latin (lat) Saddle. Seat, chair. Sedan chair. Stool.
*ḱelnā Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro)
ille Latin (lat) That, those, used to refer to (a) person(s) or thing(s) not close to the speaker, in contrast to hic, meaning this. "That (renowned person)" (used to cast the referent in a positive light).. "That" (referring to a person or thing away from both speaker and listener); he, she, it (Medieval Latin, Vulgar Latin) The; used as a definite article.
cil Old French (fro)
sele Old French (fro) Saddle (equipment used on a horse).
cella Latin (lat) A small room, a hut, barn, granary. The part of a temple where the image of a god stood; altar, sanctuary, shrine, pantry.
cellula Latin (lat) Cell. Humble dwelling. Porter's lodge. Prostitute's cubicle. Small room, especially that of a slave.
cellula Italian (ita) Cell.

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Descendants of olle
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Descendants of cilium