collezione etymology

Italian word collezione comes from Latin colligo, Latin collectus

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colligo Latin (lat) (in a reflexive sense) I collect or compose myself, recover my courage or resolution.. (of a number, chiefly, a distance) I amount or come to, extend; am reckoned (in a passive sense).. I gather, draw, bring or collect (together), assemble, pick up; contract, draw up, compress, concentrate; harvest.. I get, gain, acquire, produce, collect.. I make thick, thicken; bind or mass together.. I [...]
collectus Latin (lat)
collectio Latin (lat) (medicine) A swelling, tumor, abscess.. (rhetoric) A summary, recapitulation, summing up.. An argumentation, reasoning, conclusion, inference, syllogism.. The act of collecting together; accumulation, collection.
collezione Italian (ita) Collection.

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Descendants of colligo
cogliere collegare colta colto raccogliere