comprendere etymology

Italian word comprendere comes from Latin com-, Latin prehendo, Latin prendere

Detailed word origin of comprendere

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com- Latin (lat)
prehendo Latin (lat) (figuratively, rare, of the mind) I seize, apprehend, comprehend, grasp. (of trees) I take root. (poetic) I reach, arrive at, attain. (poetic) I take in, reach or embrace with the eye. I detain someone in order to speak with him, accost, lay or catch hold of. I lay hold of, seize, grasp, grab, snatch, take, catch. I take by surprise, catch in the act.
prendere Latin (lat)
comprehendo Latin (lat) (Late Latin, of medicines) I combine, unite.. (figuratively) I comprehend by sense of sight, perceive, observe, see.. (figuratively) I comprehend someone in affection, embrace with kindness, bind or put under obligation.. (figuratively) I comprehend something by the mind, understand, perceive, grasp, comprehend.. (figuratively) I include or comprehend in words, comprise in discourse, [...]
comprendo Latin (lat)
comprendere Italian (ita) (transitive) to comprise, to include. (transitive) to understand, comprehend.

Words with the same origin as comprendere

Descendants of com-
collezione comandante comando combattere combattimento combattuto combinato combinazione cominciare compagno compito compleanno complesso completo condanna condannato contare conto corretto coscienza costoso costruire cugino prezioso prezzo
Descendants of prehendo
appreso comprensibile comprensione comprensivo compreso prendere preso prigioniero ripreso
Descendants of prendere
sorprendente sorpresa