comunione etymology

Italian word comunione comes from Latin munus, Proto-Indo-European *ko-moin-i, and later Latin communio (Association, fellowship, community. Communion (all senses).)

Detailed word origin of comunione

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munus Latin (lat) A burden, duty, obligation. A gift. A service, favor. A service, office, employment. A spectacle, public show.
*ko-moin-i Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro)
communis Latin (lat) (grammar) having both qualities of a subdivided category, such as a verb with both an active and a passive meaning, or a syllable being either long or short.. (of manners) familiar, accessible, courteous. Common, ordinary, commonplace, universal. Democratic; representing the common sentiment. Of or for the community, public.
communio Latin (lat) Association, fellowship, community. Communion (all senses).
comunione Italian (ita) Communion.

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Descendants of munus
comune comunicare comunicato comunicazione comunismo comunità municipio