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Italian word concetto comes from Latin capio (I capture, seize, take. I take in, understand. I take on.), Latin con-

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capio Latin (lat) I capture, seize, take. I take in, understand. I take on.
con- Latin (lat) Used in compounds to indicate a being or bringing together of several objects. Used in compounds to indicate the completeness, perfecting of any act, and thus gives intensity to the signification of the simple word.
concipio Latin (lat) I adopt. I contain or hold. I derive (from). I devise or conceive. I grasp. I receive or catch.
concetto Italian (ita) (theater, rhetoric) In Italian comedy (commedia dell'arte), stock punch line learned by the performers for use in this improvisational form of theater.. Conceit (work full of orotund phrases and pompous concetti, affected wit). Concept. Idea. Opinion.

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Descendants of capio
accettare caccia cacciare cacciata capace capacità capire capisce eccetto eccezione occupare occupato occupazione partecipare partecipazione percepire percezione preoccupare recuperare recupero ricetta ricevere ricevimento riscatto
Descendants of con-
colazione collega comandante combattere cominciare compagno compito completo comportamento comprare comune confuso conoscere consiglio contare contento continuo conto contratto coppia costretto costruire costume cugino nascondere