contare etymology

Italian word contare comes from Latin puto, Latin com-, Latin com, and later Latin computo (I calculate, compute, reckon together.)

Detailed word origin of contare

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puto Latin (lat) (figuratively) I arrange, settle. (figuratively) I judge, suspect, suppose. (figuratively) I ponder, consider, think about. (figuratively) I value, esteem, deem, regard, consider. I clean, cleanse. I trim, prune, lop.
com- Latin (lat)
com Latin (lat)
computo Latin (lat) I calculate, compute, reckon together.
contare Italian (ita) (intransitive) to count on someone. (intransitive) to count, to matter. (transitive) to count. (transitive) to include. (transitive) to tell (a story).

Words with the same origin as contare

Descendants of puto
compito contante conto imputato
Descendants of com-
collezione comandante comando combattere combattimento combattuto combinato combinazione cominciare compagno compleanno complesso completo condanna condannato corretto coscienza costoso costruire cugino prezioso prezzo
Descendants of com