derubare etymology

Italian word derubare comes from Old French rober (To rob; to steal.), Old French des- (De-; dis-.), Middle French rober, Middle French des- (De-; dis-.)

Detailed word origin of derubare

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rober Old French (fro) To rob; to steal.
des- Old French (fro) De-; dis-.
rober Middle French (frm)
des- Middle French (frm) De-; dis-.
desrober Old French (fro)
desrober Middle French (frm) To loot; to plunder. To steal.
dérober French (fra) (reflexive) to give way (collapse). (reflexive) to hide (oneself). (reflexive) to shirk, shy away (à from). (reflexive) to slip away (free oneself). (reflexive, horseriding) to refuse. (transitive) to conceal, screen, shield (à from). (transitive) to steal (à from). (transitive, literary) to turn away (one's head, gaze etc.).
derubare Italian (ita) (transitive with di) to rob (someone of something). (transitive with di) to steal (something from someone).

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Descendants of des-
staccare staccato
Descendants of des-