diffondere etymology

Italian word diffondere comes from Latin fundo, Latin dis-

Detailed word origin of diffondere

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fundo Latin (lat) (military) I rout, scatter. (transitive) I extend, spread out. (transitive) I found, make by smelting. (transitive) I pour out, shed. (transitive) I utter. (transitive, figuratively) I moisten, wet.
dis- Latin (lat) Asunder, apart, in two. Reversal, removal. Utterly, exceedingly.
diffundere Latin (lat)
diffondere Italian (ita) (transitive) to give out or diffuse (light, radio etc). (transitive) to spread.

Words with the same origin as diffondere

Descendants of fundo
confondere confusione confuso diffuso fusione fuso
Descendants of dis-
difficile diminuire diretto direzione dirigere diritto discorso discreto discutere disponibile distanza distinguere distrarre distratto distrazione distretto distribuire divertimento divertire dritto indispensabile staccare staccato