direzione etymology

Italian word direzione comes from Latin directus, Latin -tione

Detailed word origin of direzione

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directus Latin (lat) (by extension) direct, straight; level; upright. Directed, steered, having been directed. Distributed, scattered, having been distributed. Laid straight, arranged in lines, having been arranged in lines.
-tione Latin (lat)
directio Latin (lat) Aiming. Correction. Direction (act of directing). Fairness. Righteousness.
direction French (fra) (figuratively) direction. (figuratively) the director of the administration/organisation. (occasional, figurative) the territory administered by a government. (spatial) direction. Government.
direzione Italian (ita) (music) conductorship, (fig.) baton. Administrative department, manager's office. Direction, management, supervision, leadership, control. Direction, way, course.

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diretto direttore diritto dritto