distratto etymology

Italian word distratto comes from Latin traho, Latin dis-

Detailed word origin of distratto

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traho Latin (lat) (by extension) I attract the support of, win over.. (figuratively) I attract, draw (someone; their attention). I drag.. I draw out, prolong.. I extract, withdraw.. I plunder, squander.. I trail.
dis- Latin (lat) Asunder, apart, in two. Reversal, removal. Utterly, exceedingly.
distraho Latin (lat) I draw in different directions; divide, distract, perplex.. I draw, pull or drag asunder; tear in pieces, separate forcibly, divide; scatter.. I sell separately (in parcels), retail; sell (in general). I separate in sentiment, estrange, alienate.
distractus Latin (lat)
distratto Italian (ita) Absent-minded, forgetful. Distracted, inattentive.

Words with the same origin as distratto

Descendants of traho
attraente attratto contratto distrazione estratto numero ritratto traccia tracciare tranne trarre trascinare tratto
Descendants of dis-
difficile diffondere diffuso diminuire diretto direzione dirigere diritto discorso discreto discutere disponibile distanza distinguere distrarre distretto distribuire divertimento divertire dritto indispensabile staccare staccato