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Italian word dovere comes from Latin habeo, Latin ex, e (A name of the letter X. (+ ablative) out of, from.).

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habeo Latin (lat) (of feelings, problems) I affect, trouble (someone).. I accept, bear, endure.. I conduct, preside over.. I have, hold.. I own, have (possessions).. I possess, have (qualities).. I regard, consider or account a person or thing as something.. I retain, maintain.
ex, e Latin (lat) A name of the letter X. (+ ablative) out of, from.
de- Latin (lat) De-.
*dehibeo Latin (lat)
dovere Italian (ita) Duty (auxiliary) To have to do something (must). (transitive) To owe.

Words with the same origin as dovere

Descendants of habeo
abile abilità abitare abitazione abito avere avuto debito debitore debole dubbio
Descendants of ex, e
da decidere decisione dentro desiderio di dietro diventare domanda e effetto esempio esperienza ne quando scegliere scelto scoprire scorso scusa smettere tranne uscire