hotel etymology

Italian word hotel comes from Latin -alis, Latin potis (Able, capable, possible.), Proto-Indo-European *gʰóstis (Enemy. Guest. Stranger, host.), Proto-Indo-European *pótnih₂, Late Latin hospitale

Detailed word origin of hotel

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-alis Latin (lat) Used to form adjectives of relationship from nouns or numerals.
potis Latin (lat) Able, capable, possible.
*gʰóstis Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro) Enemy. Guest. Stranger, host.
*pótnih₂ Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro)
hospitale Late Latin (LL)
hostis Latin (lat) (plural only) the enemy. An enemy of the state, a stranger.
*gʰóspot- Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro)
*hostipotis Proto-Italic (itc-pro)
hospes Latin (lat) Guest, visitor. Host. Stranger; foreigner.
hospitalis Latin (lat) Of or pertaining to a host or guest.. Of or pertaining to hospitality; providing hospitality or generous towards guests, hospitable.
hospitale Latin (lat) Guesthouse, guestroom. Hospital.
hospitālis Late Latin (LL)
hospitalis Late Latin (LL)
ostel Old French (842-ca. 1400) (fro) Shelter; place to stay.
hostel Middle French (ca. 1400-1600) (frm) Hotel; hostel; inn (establishment offering rooms for hire). Shelter; living quarters; place to stay.
hôtel French (fra) Hotel. Mansion, town house, hotel.
hotel Italian (ita) The letter H in the Italian phonetic alphabet.. Hotel(s).

Words with the same origin as hotel

Descendants of -alis
animale arrabbiare atto attore azione canale centrale funerale generale geniale legale maiale natale naturale originale ospedale personale reale realtà rischiare sociale speciale superare uguale
Descendants of potis
onnipotente ospitalità ospitare ospite ospizio possedere posseduto possesso possibile potente potenza potere
Descendants of *gʰóstis