inaccettabile etymology

Italian word inaccettabile comes from Italian in-, Italian accettabile (Acceptable.)

Detailed word origin of inaccettabile

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in- Italian (ita) Used to denote negation or opposition or privation; un-; in-; a- (forms verbs) Used to denote derivation.. (obsolete, rare) Used as an intensifier.
accettabile Italian (ita) Acceptable.
inaccettabile Italian (ita) Inadmissible, intolerable. Incredible. Unacceptable.

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Descendants of in-
imperdonabile impiccare impiccato impossibile imprevedibile improbabile incaricato incarico incassare indietro indispensabile indovinare innamorare innamorato innervosire insalata insopportabile insufficienza inutile irresponsabile