isolato etymology

Italian word isolato comes from Latin salum, Latin -atam, and later Italian isola (Island, isle.)

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salum Latin (lat) (figuratively) sea of thought, anxiety, agitation or trouble. (figuratively) the colour of the sea. (figuratively, of a river) stream, current. The (open or high) sea, main, deep, ocean. The sea in motion; waves, billow.
-atam Latin (lat)
insula Latin (lat) Island. Residential or apartment block (usually for the lower class).
isola Italian (ita) Island, isle.
insulatus Latin (lat) Made into an island.
isolare Italian (ita) (transitive) to insulate, soundproof. (transitive) to isolate, cut off, confine.
isolato Italian (ita) Insulated. Isolated, secluded, cut off. Remote, lonely Past participle of isolare Block (distance from one street to another).

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