ministero etymology

Italian word ministero comes from Latin parvus (Ignorable, unimportant. Small, little, cheap.), Latin mina, Latin -ter (-ly; used to form adverbs from adjectives.)

Detailed word origin of ministero

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
parvus Latin (lat) Ignorable, unimportant. Small, little, cheap.
mina Latin (lat) (figuratively) threats, menaces. Projecting points, pinnacles, battlements, parapets.
-ter Latin (lat) -ly; used to form adverbs from adjectives.
minari Latin (lat)
parum Latin (lat) Very little, insufficient.
minister Latin (lat) Accomplice. Agent, aide. Attendant, servant, waiter.
ministerium Latin (lat) Employment, ministration. Ministry (office of a minister).
ministero Italian (ita) Ministry.

Words with the same origin as ministero

Descendants of parvus
meno mestiere minaccia minacciare ministro minore nemmeno pargolo
Descendants of -ter
amministrazione maestro mastro mister oltre