montaggio etymology

Italian word montaggio comes from French monter, French -age, and later French montage ((film, television) editing. Assembly, set-up.)

Detailed word origin of montaggio

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monter French (fra) (transitive) to bring up, take up, put up, get up (lift or carry something to a higher position). To ascend, go higher, go uphill, go upstairs. To get on, get in (a vehicle). To go up, to climb (go to a higher position). To mount (a horse). To put up (a tent). To raise (increase the level, price etc.). To ride (a horse). To rise (get to a higher figurative position (socially, or in a [...]
-age French (fra) (rare) Forming collective nouns.. Forming nouns with the sense of "action or result of Xing" or, more rarely, "action related to X".. Forming nouns with the sense of "state of being (a) X".
montage French (fra) (film, television) editing. Assembly, set-up.
montaggio Italian (ita) Assembly. Editing (film etc). Montage.

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atterraggio giardinaggio lavaggio linguaggio massaggio paesaggio passaggio personaggio riciclaggio sabotaggio salvare salvarsi salvataggio salvatore sondaggio tatuaggio