nottata etymology

Italian word nottata comes from Latin -nus (Derives adjective nouns from verbs.), Latin diem, Latin diu, Latin dius, Hittite e-grade

Detailed word origin of nottata

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
-nus Latin (lat) Derives adjective nouns from verbs.
diem Latin (lat)
diu Latin (lat) Continually, all day. Long enough. Long, long while, for a long time.
dius Latin (lat)
e-grade Hittite (hit)
*nékʷts Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro)
nox Latin (lat) (figuratively) confusion. (figuratively) death. (figuratively) ignorance. A dream. Darkness. Night (period of time).
diurnus Latin (lat) Daily. Of the day Day (medieval Latin only).
diurnum Latin (lat)
giornata Italian (ita) Day.
nottata Italian (ita) A night in its entirety.

Words with the same origin as nottata

Descendants of -nus
cretino cristiano giornata giorno metano notte terreno
Descendants of diem
domenica lunedì martedì mercoledì oggi quotidiano venerdì
Descendants of diu
Descendants of dius
Descendants of e-grade
negro nero notturno