offrire etymology

Italian word offrire comes from Latin fero, Latin ob, Latin ob- (Towards; against.), Latin ferre

Detailed word origin of offrire

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fero Latin (lat) I bear, carry. I cast (a vote); pass or ratify (a law). I report. I suffer, endure. I support, hold up.
ob Latin (lat) Against; facing. In the direction of, to, towards. On account of, according to, because of, due to, for (the purpose of).
ob- Latin (lat) Towards; against.
ferre Latin (lat)
offero Latin (lat) (Ecclesiastical Latin) I offer to God, consecrate, dedicate.. (Ecclesiastical Latin) I offer up, sacrifice.. I bring before, present, offer, show, exhibit; expose.. I bring, cause, confer, bestow; inflict.
*offerire Vulgar Latin (la-vul)
offrire Italian (ita) (transitive) to offer, treat.

Words with the same origin as offrire

Descendants of fero
colazione offerto relativamente relazione sofferenza sofferto soffrire
Descendants of ob
occasionale occasione occidente occupare occupato occupazione offendere oggetto osservare osservatore osservazione ostacolo ovviamente ovvio preoccupante preoccupare preoccupato uccidere ucciso
Descendants of ob-
assedio obbligato obbligo opportuno oscuro ottenere preoccupazione scuro
Descendants of ferre