ordinario etymology

Italian word ordinario comes from Latin ordo, Latin -arium

Detailed word origin of ordinario

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ordo Latin (lat) (military) A rank or line of soldiers; band, troop, company. (military) command, captaincy, generalship. A class, station, condition, rank. A group (of people) of the same class, caste, station, or rank ("senatorii ordinis"). A methodical series, arrangement, or order; regular line, row, or series.
-arium Latin (lat) Used to form nouns denoting a "place where things are kept" from other nouns.
ordinarius Latin (lat) (substantive) an ordinary; a judge or bishop having regular jurisdiction. (substantive) an overseer (who keeps order). (substantive, military) a centurion of the first cohort. Of or relating to order; orderly, usual, customary, regular, ordinary.
ordinario Italian (ita) Ordinary. Ordinary, usual. Permanent teacher. Professor (at a university) Average. Ordinary, usual, normal, customary. Permanent (member of staff). Vulgar, common.

Words with the same origin as ordinario

Descendants of ordo
ordine straordinario
Descendants of -arium
acciaio acquario anniversario bagagliaio barbiere calendario cameriere cancelliere consigliere corriere denaro detto giardiniere infermiere macellaio marinaio migliaio necessario operaio parrucchiere pompiere portiere primario ragioniere