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Italian word produzione comes from Latin produco

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produco Latin (lat) (figuratively) I bring into use, make, invent devise, produce.. (figuratively) I draw or drag out, lengthen out, prolong, protract.. (figuratively) I lead or induce someone to do something, entice.. (figuratively) I plant, cultivate.. (figuratively) I raise, promote, advance.. (figuratively, of time) I pass, spend.. (grammar, of pronunciation) I lengthen, prolong.. I advance, draw out.. I [...]
productio Latin (lat) Production (bringing-forth). Prolonging, lengthening, extension.
produzione Italian (ita) Exhibition (of documents). Production (in theatre, television etc). Production, making, generation (the act of producing). Production, manufacturing, manufacture, output (in industry). Production, yield, output (amount produced).

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prodotto produrre produttore