provvedere etymology

Italian word provvedere comes from Latin video

Detailed word origin of provvedere

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video Latin (lat) (passive) I am regarded, seem, appear. (passive, used impersonally) It seems proper or right. I look (at), consider, reflect (upon). I look out for, see to, care for, provide, make sure. I observe, note. I see, perceive; look (at). I understand, perceive, comprehend.
provideo Latin (lat) I am cautious; I act with foresight. I foresee. I look after, care for. I provide, see to.
provvedere Italian (ita) Provision; the act of providing something (intransitive) to arrange for. (intransitive) to look after, to take care. (intransitive) to provide. (intransitive) to take a decision, to act. (transitive) to arrange, to prepare. (transitive) to provide, to supply, to furnish.

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Descendants of video
avvisare evidente invidia preavviso prevedere prevedibile prudente prudenza rivedere visibile visione visitare visitatore visivo viso vista visto visuale