rispondere etymology

Italian word rispondere comes from Latin sponsare, Latin re-, Latin re (About, regarding, with reference to.)

Detailed word origin of rispondere

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sponsare Latin (lat)
re- Latin (lat) Again; prefix added to various words to indicate an action being done again, or like the other usages indicated above under English.. Back, backwards.
re Latin (lat) About, regarding, with reference to.
respondere Latin (lat)
rispondere Italian (ita) (ambitransitive) to answer, reply or respond. (~ a) to correspond to. (~ di) to be responsible for.

Words with the same origin as rispondere

Descendants of sponsare
Descendants of re-
arresto raccogliere reazione recente relazione resistere respirare responsabile restare rete revisione ricevere richiesta ricordare ricordo rifugio rimanere rimasto riposare riposo ripreso risolto risolvere rispetto