scaricare etymology

Italian word scaricare comes from Italian caricare, Italian s-

Detailed word origin of scaricare

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caricare Italian (ita) (transitive) to charge, attack. (transitive) to emphasize, overdo. (transitive) to load, to stow. (transitive) to take aboard, hoist, pick up. (transitive) to wind, wind up (of a watch, game, etc.). (transitive, computing) to load (up) (of a program). (transitive, computing) to upload. (transitive, electricity) to charge. (transitive, figuratively) to rouse, fire, pep up.
s- Italian (ita) Reduced form of dis-.. Used as an intensifier.. Used in a privative sense: a-, de-, un-.. Used to derive verbs from a noun, adjective or verb.. Used to express a pejorative sense.. Used to form verbs that have a sense of undoing an action: de-, dis-, un-.. Used to form verbs with a sense of exit, separation: dis-, ex-, trans-.. Used to form words that have an opposing sense: un-, in-.
scaricare Italian (ita) (transitive) to get rid of, drop, dump, dispose. (transitive) to relieve, vent, release. (transitive) to unload, discharge, empty, unburden. (transitive, computing) to download.

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Descendants of caricare
carico incaricato incarico
Descendants of s-
escludere escluso sbattere sbrigare scommessa scommettere scomparire sconosciuto scoprire scordare sfida sfiga sforzo smettere sparire spezzare spezzato spiaggia spietato sportello spostare svenire sviluppo svolgere