seduta etymology

Italian word seduta comes from Latin sido, Middle English (1100-1500) sett, Italian -ere, and later Proto-Indo-European *sodéyeti (To set, to seat, to cause to sit.)

Detailed word origin of seduta

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sido Latin (lat) I sink down, I sink out of sight.. I sit down, I seat oneself, I settle.
sett Middle English (1100-1500) (enm)
-ere Italian (ita) Used, with a stem, to form the infinitive of many Italian verbs.
*sodéyeti Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro) To set, to seat, to cause to sit.
*sedēō Proto-Italic (itc-pro) Sit, be sitting, be seated.
sedeo Latin (lat) I hold or hang fast or firm; I am established. I keep the field, remain encamped. I settle or sink down, subside. I sit in an official seat; sit in council or court, hold court, preside. I sit still; remain, tarry, stay, abide, linger, loiter; sit around. I sit, I am seated.
sedere Italian (ita) Bottom, butt, seat, buttocks, bum (intransitive) to sit. (intransitive) to sit down, take a seat.
seduta Italian (ita) (by extension) chair. Seat (of a chair etc). Session, meeting, sitting.

Words with the same origin as seduta

Descendants of sido
assedio cellula match nido possesso presidente presidenza presidenziale sede sedere sedia sella sessione set
Descendants of -ere
affare avere avuto bere chiedere conoscere credere detto dire essere fare mettere perdere piacere potere promesso rispondere sapere scelto scrivere tenere vista visto vivere voluto