stabilire etymology

Italian word stabilire comes from Latin -abilis (-able; able or worthy to be.), Latin stare, Latin sto, French stabiliser, Italian stabilimento (Establishment, institution. Factory, plant, works.)

Detailed word origin of stabilire

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-abilis Latin (lat) -able; able or worthy to be.
stare Latin (lat)
sto Latin (lat) (Medieval Latin) I [currently] am (feel). (Medieval Latin) I am [located at]. I stand. I stay, remain.
stabiliser French (fra) (reflexive, se stabiliser) to stabilise. (transitive) to stabilise.
stabilimento Italian (ita) Establishment, institution. Factory, plant, works.
stabilis Latin (lat) Enduring, durable, unwavering, lasting, established, stable.. That stands firm; firm, steadfast, steady, sure, stable, stationary.
stabilio Latin (lat) (by extension) I establish, fix, make secure, confirm.. I make firm, confirm, stay, support, hold still, stabilize.
stabilire Italian (ita) To decide upon, to arrange, to resolve, to decree. To establish, to fix, to set, to settle, to define, to agree on.

Words with the same origin as stabilire

Descendants of -abilis
affare inevitabile ragionevole
Descendants of stare
costato costoso istante prestito stanza
Descendants of sto
costituzione distanza essere istanza ostacolo restituire sostituire sostituto stagione stare stato statua stazione