suolo etymology

Italian word suolo comes from Proto-Indo-European *solh₂-, Latin solus, Proto-Indo-European *swol-

Detailed word origin of suolo

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*solh₂- Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro)
solus Latin (lat) Alone, sole, only, by oneself with no others around. Solitary, uninhabited.
*swol- Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro) sole, sole of the foot
solidus Latin (lat) (Medieval, historical) A bezant: the solidus's debased Byzantine successors.. (Medieval, historical) A shilling, as a unit of account or silver coin.. (historical) A solidus: a Roman ~23-carat gold coin introduced by Diocletian in AD 301. Solid.
sol French (fra) Floor. Ground. Soil, earth (archaic) sou, the feudal era coin. A Spanish-American gold or silver coin, now the main currency unit of Peru (also new sol), or a coin of this value. (music) sol, the fifth step (G) in the solfège scale of C, preceded by fa and followed by la.
solum Latin (lat) (by extension) land, country, region, place. Bottom, ground, base, foundation, bed. Floor, pavement. Ground, earth, land, soil. Sole (of the foot).
suolo Italian (ita) Earth, soil. Ground.

Words with the same origin as suolo

Descendants of *solh₂-
saldare saldo salutare salute salvare salvataggio salvatore salvezza salvo sodo soglia soldato soldo solido solo
Descendants of solus
solitario solitudine soltanto