tradizione etymology

Italian word tradizione comes from Latin dare, Latin trans-

Detailed word origin of tradizione

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dare Latin (lat)
trans- Latin (lat)
trado Latin (lat) I deliver by teaching, propound, propose, teach.. I give up or surrender (treacherously), betray.. I hand down (to posterity by written communication), narrate, recount.. I hand over, give up, deliver, transmit, surrender; impart; entrust, confide.. I leave behind, bequeath.
traditionem Latin (lat)
tradizione Italian (ita) (legal) tradition, transfer, delivery. Tradition, custom, use, heritage.

Words with the same origin as tradizione

Descendants of dare
comandante comando darsi data dato datore mandato telecomando vendere venditore
Descendants of trans-
tradire traditore tradurre traduzione tranquillo trasmettere trasmissione trasparente trasportare trasportato trasporto