vendetta etymology

Italian word vendetta comes from Proto-Indo-European *diǵ-, Proto-Indo-European *deyḱ-e-, Proto-Italic *wīs (Strength, force, power.)

Detailed word origin of vendetta

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
*diǵ- Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro)
*deyḱ-e- Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro) to show, point out
*wīs Proto-Italic (itc-pro) Strength, force, power.
*déyḱti Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro) To be pointing out.
vis Latin (lat) (New Latin, physics) energy, force. (figuratively) assault, affront. Force, power, strength. Violence.
*deikō Proto-Italic (itc-pro) Say.
dico Latin (lat) I appropriate to, devote to, assign to, set apart for.. I consecrate, deify.. I dedicate, devote.
vindex Latin (lat) Claimant, vindicator.
vindicare Latin (lat)
vindicta Latin (lat) A means of vindication. Ceremonial staff used in manumission. Punishment, vengeance. Redress, satisfaction.
vendetta Italian (ita) Revenge, vengeance.

Words with the same origin as vendetta

Descendants of *diǵ-
digitale dito
Descendants of *deyḱ-e-
benedizione condizione detta detto dire ditta dizionario giudice giudizio giurisdizione indicare indice maledizione nascondere vendicare
Descendants of *wīs
violare violazione violento violenza