venditore etymology

Italian word venditore comes from Latin venum (Something for sale, something to sell.), Latin do (I give.. I offer, render.. I yield, surrender, concede.), Latin venus (Sale, purchase.), Spanish -dor, Portuguese -dor (Forms agent nouns from verbs; -er, -or.), Latin dare, Old French (842-ca. 1400) -eur ((both etymologies).)

Detailed word origin of venditore

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venum Latin (lat) Something for sale, something to sell.
do Latin (lat) I give.. I offer, render.. I yield, surrender, concede.
venus Latin (lat) Sale, purchase.
-dor Spanish (spa) Forms derivatives of other nouns.. Forms nouns (usually agent nouns) and adjectives from verbs. The vowel before the suffix depends on the conjugation of the verb to which the suffix is added: -ar verbs use -ador (-adora), -er verbs use -edor (-edora), and -ir verbs use -idor (-idora).
-dor Portuguese (por) Forms agent nouns from verbs; -er, -or.
dare Latin (lat)
-eur Old French (842-ca. 1400) (fro) (both etymologies).
vendo Latin (lat) I sell, vend.
vendre Old French (842-ca. 1400) (fro) To sell.
vender Portuguese (por) (transitive) to sell.
vender Spanish (spa) (transitive) to sell.
venditor Latin (lat) One who sells for bribes and corrupt payments. Seller, vendor.
venditore Italian (ita) Seller, vendor, monger, purveyor.

Words with the same origin as venditore

Descendants of venum
Descendants of do
comandante comandare condizione dare data dato edizione esca mandare mandato mangiare mangiata nascondere perdere perdita predatore raccomandazione rendere resa ridare tradire traditore tradizione
Descendants of dare
comando darsi datore telecomando