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You are viewing the etymology of ヒポクラテスの誓い meaning: (Noun) (medicine) the Hippocratic oath.(medicine) the Hippocratic oath.. You may also see other Japanese etymologies of ヒポクラテスの誓い.
Japanese word ヒポクラテスの誓い comes from Japanese 誓い, Japanese の, Japanese ヒポクラテス (Hippocrates.).

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誓い Japanese (jpn) (Shinto, Buddhism) vow that the Buddha pledged to save sentient beings (Can we verify([ +]) this sense?). An oath, pledge.
Japanese (jpn) Nominalizes an adjective, verb, or phrase. A noun, adverb, or phrase modifier. A sentence ending that indicates emphasis or a question, depending on intonation. Genitive case marker. Indicates identity or apposition. Indicates possession: of, -'s. Nominative case marker in a relative clause.
ヒポクラテス Japanese (jpn) Hippocrates.
ヒポクラテスの誓い Japanese (jpn) (medicine) the Hippocratic oath.