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Japanese word 桜餅 comes from Japanese 桜, Japanese 餅 (A mochi.).

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Japanese (jpn) (slang) a shill, capper, or come-on working for a store, auction, or even a swindle, who is paid to attract customers or marks. (slang) a slang or jargon word for. A cherry blossom. A cherry tree, more specifically the Japanese cherry (Prunus serrulata). Alternate term for 天保一分銀, a rectangular silver coin issued during the 天保 era (1830-1844), so called for its cherry blossom pattern; worth [...]
Japanese (jpn) A mochi.
桜餅 Japanese (jpn) Sakura mochi: mochi flavored with pickled sakura blossoms, and with an filling; traditionally served for on 3 March.