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You are viewing the etymology of 蛍火 meaning: (Noun) Small embers. The light of a firefly.Small embers. The light of a firefly.. You may also see other Japanese etymologies of 蛍火.
Japanese word 蛍火 comes from Japanese 火, Japanese 蛍.

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Japanese (jpn) Fire. One of the five classical elements in traditional Chinese philosophy and medicine: see the "Wu Xing" entry on Wikipedia. Under the old Ritsuryō system of ancient Japan, a military grouping, consisting of 10 soldiers: a squad A fire Abbreviation for 火曜日 (Tuesday) A fire Antares, in the constellation Scorpio. Tuesday A fire; flames. A light. Heat.
Japanese (jpn) Used in various compounds to refer to fluorescence A male female given name. A firefly.
蛍火 Japanese (jpn) Small embers. The light of a firefly.