*offerio etymology

Latin word *offerio comes from Latin fero, Latin ob

Detailed word origin of *offerio

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fero Latin (lat) I bear, carry. I cast (a vote); pass or ratify (a law). I report. I suffer, endure. I support, hold up.
ob Latin (lat) Against; facing. In the direction of, to, towards. On account of, according to, because of, due to, for (the purpose of).
offero Latin (lat) (Ecclesiastical Latin) I offer to God, consecrate, dedicate.. (Ecclesiastical Latin) I offer up, sacrifice.. I bring before, present, offer, show, exhibit; expose.. I bring, cause, confer, bestow; inflict.
*offerio Latin (lat) I offer.

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Descendants of ob
occidere occidi occisus oppidum