-abilis etymology

Latin word -abilis comes from Catalan amar (To love, have great affection for, care about.), Latin amo, Catalan -able (-able.)

Detailed word origin of -abilis

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
amar Catalan (cat) To love, have great affection for, care about.
amo Latin (lat) (with infinitive) to enjoy, be accustomed. I am fond of, like. I am under obligation to; I am obliged to. I love.
-able Catalan (cat) -able.
amabilis Latin (lat) Lovable, worthy of love.
-abilis Latin (lat) -able; able or worthy to be.

Words with the same origin as -abilis

Descendants of amar
accusabilis amabilis amicabilis arabilis capabilis evitabilis exitiabilis honorabilis honorificabilitudinitas immensurabilis ineluctabilis parable perniciabilis portabilis rationabilis sanabilis spectabilis stabilis
Descendants of amo
amabo te amatus redamandus redamans