Potentia etymology

Latin word Potentia comes from Latin -ius, Latin sum ((copulative) I am, exist, have (with dative).), Proto-Italic *potis

Detailed word origin of Potentia

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-ius Latin (lat) Genitive suffix for some irregular pronouns. Forming adjectives from nouns.
sum Latin (lat) (copulative) I am, exist, have (with dative).
*potis Proto-Italic (itc-pro)
potis Latin (lat) Able, capable, possible.
posse Latin (lat) (post-Classical) force, body of men. (scholastic Latin) potentiality, capability of being. Power, ability "to be able (to)".
potentia Latin (lat) Ability, capacity. Force, power, might. Political power, authority, influence, sway.
Potentia Latin (lat) A city of the interior of Lucania, situated in the valley of the Casuentus, now Potenza. A town of Picenum, situated on the coast of the Adriatic Sea, now Potenza Picena.

Words with the same origin as Potentia

Descendants of -ius
eloquentia iudicium officio officium prudentia regia regio sapientia
Descendants of sum
posse potestas praesens
Descendants of *potis
hospes possessio possidere possum