adversitas etymology

Latin word adversitas comes from Latin vertere, Middle French adversité (Adversity.), Latin verto, Latin ad- (To.)

Detailed word origin of adversitas

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
vertere Latin (lat)
adversité Middle French (frm) Adversity.
verto Latin (lat) I exchange. I retreat. I reverse (transitive). I translate. I turn around. I turn, revolve.
ad- Latin (lat) To.
adverto Latin (lat) I give or draw attention to. I steer or pilot (a ship). I turn to or towards.
advertere Latin (lat)
adversus Latin (lat)
adversitatem Latin (lat)
adversité Old French (fro) Adversity (adverse state or condition).
adversité French (fra) Adversity.

Words with the same origin as adversitas

Descendants of verto
oportet prorsus rursus
Descendants of ad-
accedere accessit ad adeo adfectus aditus atque quemadmodum quoad