amor etymology

Latin word amor comes from Latin amare ("to love") and noun ending -or. Amare itself probably has a Proto-Indo-European origin, possibly deriving from *am-a-, *am- ("mother, aunt") or *h₂emh₃- ("seize")

You can also see our other etymologies for the Latin word amor. Currently you are viewing the etymology of amor with the meaning: (Noun) (plural only) love affair. Beloved. Love. Sex.(plural only) love affair. Beloved. Love. Sex

Detailed word origin of amor

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amare Latin (lat) To love.
-or Latin (lat) Used to form a third-declension masculine abstract noun from a verb root or conceived root form.
amor Latin (lat) (plural only) love affair. Beloved. Love. Sex.

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Descendants of -or
amorem timor umor
Descendants of amare
amicitia amico amicus