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Latin word apud comes from Ancient Greek (to 1453) γίγνομαι, Proto-Indo-European *h₁epi (On, at, near.).

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γίγνομαι Ancient Greek (to 1453) (grc)
*h₁epi Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro) On, at, near.
ἐπί Ancient Greek (to 1453) (grc)
अपि Sanskrit (san) Converts an interrogative into an indefinite.. With an optative it expresses hope, fear, or desire. -- {api ca} or {cApi} further, moreover. {api--api} (or {ca}) as well as. {api ca--ja cApi} rather than. {ye'pi--te'pi} they too--who. {yadyapi} however, although. {tathApi} even so, nevertheless. (preposition with location) close by or to, within, before; adv. further, also, too; even (with [...]
apud Latin (lat) At, by, near, among. Before, in the presence of, in the writings of, in view of. Chez (at the house of).

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ob occidere occidi occisus oppidum