arrogo etymology

Latin word arrogo comes from Latin ad- (To.), Latin rogo (I ask, enquire. I request.)

Detailed word origin of arrogo

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
ad- Latin (lat) To.
rogo Latin (lat) I ask, enquire. I request.
arrogo Latin (lat) (legal) I ask or inquire of someone, question.. (legal) I associate with someone, place by the side of someone.. (vulgar, slang) I have an erection.. I assign, attribute.. I claim as my own, arrogate to myself, assume.. I confer upon or procure for someone.

Words with the same origin as arrogo

Descendants of ad-
accedere accessit ad adeo adfectus aditus atque quemadmodum quoad
Descendants of rogo
abrogatio adrogans arrogans arrogantia arrogator corrogatio derogans erogator interrogamentum interrogator interrogatorius interrogatus obrogatio praerogatio praerogativa praerogatus praerogere prorogator rogamentum rogare rogatio rogatus rogitatio supererogatio surrogatus