cognosco etymology

Latin word cognosco comes from Latin nosco, Latin con-

Detailed word origin of cognosco

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nosco Latin (lat) I know, recognize, am acquainted with, i.e.; in possession of knowledge.
con- Latin (lat) Used in compounds to indicate a being or bringing together of several objects. Used in compounds to indicate the completeness, perfecting of any act, and thus gives intensity to the signification of the simple word.
cognosco Latin (lat) (in perfect tense) I know. I learn, I am acquainted (with), I recognize.

Words with the same origin as cognosco

Descendants of nosco
adnoto cognitio cognomen cognoscens cognoscere denoto incognitus nobilis noscendus noscens nota nota Tironiana nota bene notandus notans notare notatio notesco notio notitia noto notorius notula notus praenoto
Descendants of con-
comes comitia commune communis competere condicio coniunx constat constitutum consuetudo consul contentus continuo coram curia