cornifer etymology

Latin word cornifer comes from Latin cornu, Latin -fer (-bearing, -carrying, -bringing.)

Detailed word origin of cornifer

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cornu Latin (lat) (figuratively) power, strength, might. (musical instruments) a horn as a musical instrument. A horn, antler. A tusk. An arm or wing of an army. Any substance like the material of a horn, such as the bill of a bird. The end of a book or scroll, usually made of ivory. The horns of the moon.
-fer Latin (lat) -bearing, -carrying, -bringing.
cornifer Latin (lat) Horned, having horns.

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Descendants of cornu
Cornutus albicornis bicornis corna cornea tela corneolus cornesco corneus cornicen corniculans corniculatus corniculum corniger cornipes fulvicornis fuscicornis gracilicornis grandicornis laticornis magnicornis monoceros pallidicornis unicornis validicornis
Descendants of -fer
aquilifer cupressifer dactylifer dulcifer fructifer glandulifer grandifer imbrifer letifer lucifer margaritifer mellifer nimbifer noctifer nucifer palmifer patellifer peltifer pinifer sacrifer signifer soporifer sudorifer velifer vexillifer