cultura etymology

Latin word cultura comes from Proto-Indo-European *kʷel-, Latin colum, Latin colere

Detailed word origin of cultura

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*kʷel- Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro)
colum Latin (lat) (poetic) a wicker basket for catching fish. Colander, strainer.
colere Latin (lat)
*quelo Latin (lat)
quelo Latin (lat)
colare Latin (lat)
cultus Latin (lat) (rare) The act of laboring at, labor, care, cultivation, culture.. (rare) Training, education, culture.. A religious group, cult, sect.. Care directed to the refinement of life, cultural pursuit, civilization, culture, style; elegance, polish, refinement.. Style of dress, external appearance, clothing, attire; ornament, decoration, splendor.. The act of honoring or worshipping, reverence, [...]
cultura Latin (lat) Care, cultivation; agriculture, tillage, husbandry. Culture, cultivation.

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Descendants of *kʷel-
ager agri agrum celeriter culpa procul