dubium etymology

Latin word dubium comes from Latin habeo

Detailed word origin of dubium

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habeo Latin (lat) (of feelings, problems) I affect, trouble (someone).. I accept, bear, endure.. I conduct, preside over.. I have, hold.. I own, have (possessions).. I possess, have (qualities).. I regard, consider or account a person or thing as something.. I retain, maintain.
dubius Latin (lat) (figuratively) Vacillating in mind, uncertain; doubting, doubtful, dubious, irresolute, undetermined.. (of a situation) Precarious, dangerous, critical, difficult, adverse, doubtful.. (of weather) Changeable, uncertain.. Moving in two directions alternately, vibrating to and fro, fluctuating, wavering.
dubium Latin (lat) A doctrinal question that is asked to Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and which later receives a responsa.. Doubt.

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debere debitor habitus