exhaurio etymology

Latin word exhaurio comes from Latin evanescere, Latin haurio

Detailed word origin of exhaurio

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evanescere Latin (lat)
haurio Latin (lat) (of blood) I spill, shed.. I devour, consume, exhaust, deplete, use up; engulf.. I drain, drink up, swallow; absorb.. I draw (especially water), drain.. I draw, derive, borrow, take.. I tear up, pluck out, draw out; dig up, hollow out.
exhaurio Latin (lat) (figuratively) I exhaust, carry through, bring to an end.. (figuratively) I take away, remove.. (of liquids) I draw out, empty by drawing, exhaust, drain off, deplete.. (of non-liquids) I take out, use up, deplete, empty out, make empty.