frigeo etymology

Latin word frigeo comes from Latin frigus, Latin -eo

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frigus Latin (lat) (figuratively) a cold reception, indifference. (figuratively) inactivity, indolence, slowness. A chill, fever. A cold region, place, area or spot. A cold shudder which is produced by fear. Cold, coldness, coolness, chilliness. The cold of winter; winter; frost. The coldness of death; death.
-eo Latin (lat) (no longer productive) Forms causative verbs from primary (third conjugation and some fourth conjugation) verbs. Forms stative verbs from adjectives.
frigeo Latin (lat) (figuratively) I am coldly received or treated; I am without power.. (figuratively) I am inactive, languid or at a standstill; flag, droop.. I am cold or chilly; freeze.

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Descendants of frigus
fricta frictus frigesco frigida frigidarius frigiditas frigidiusculus frigidus frigor frixus refrigero